In my younger years, I spent a lot of time agonizing over all kinds of decisions: what I should study?
(Learn to Discern Principle #1) In my university years, there was a popular phrase that was always thrown about in
(Learn to Discern Principle #2) Has this ever happened to you? You have a big project coming up, and you’re
(Learn to Discern, Principle #3) Have you ever gone shopping and found an item on clearance that you really want,
(Learn to Discern, Principle #4) If you ever went to youth retreats and sat through talks on “God’s will for
(Learn to Discern, Principle #5) Last weekend I was in the countryside with my husband – it was amazingly sunny
(Learn to Discern, Principle #6) When working as a university professor, I had more than one conversation with a student
(Learn to Discern, Principle #7) Have you ever been lost in an unfamiliar place, maybe a new city or a
(Learn to Discern, Principle #8) Have you ever prayed for a sign? Maybe you were in the midst of a
Have you ever had a difficult decision to make, and found yourself praying, “Lord, you decide. Just tell me, and
(Learn to Discern, Principle #9) Have you ever found yourself looking for help with difficult decision, only to leave the
(Learn to Discern, Principle #10) When was the last time you spent 10 minutes in total silence? No noise, no