(Learn to Discern, Principle #11) An American friend of mine once found herself engaged in a conversation about family pastimes
(Learn to Discern,  Principle #12) “God has a plan for your life!” How many times have you heard this proclaimed?
(Learn to Discern, Principle #13-A) Have you ever found yourself asking God to speak to you, while hoping He’ll only
(Learn to Discern, Principle #13-B) Most of us, at one time or another, have found ourselves caught in the loop
(Learn to Discern, Principle #14) One of the most frequent issues that arises almost every time I talk about discernment
(Learn to Discern, Principle #15) Have you ever been in the midst of an agonizing decision, and had someone offer
Several years ago, I found myself sitting in a coffee shop with a friend, discussing the paths our lives were
(Learn to Discern, Principle # 16) Discernment can’t really happen when we're in a hurry – at least, not usually
Discerning how we spend our lives is more important than how we spend our money.
Do we discern how we trade our time? We can be less tired if we pay attention to how we
We don't always have the same amount of energy for everything. Figure out how you're spending yours and why it
The reason we're so tired all the time has less to do with hours spent sleeping and more to do