3 Monastic Practices that Will Improve Your Work Life

I’ve always loved monasteries: the silence, the peacefulness, the feeling of being “away” from the world. There’s something deeply satisfying about going on retreat to a monastery and being able to leave worries about work, home, studies, or plans of any kind, behind.

Stepping into a “sacred space” offers freedom from the daily stress of life.

When St. Benedict wrote his monastic “Rule” in the 6th century AD, he codified a way of living that would last through the centuries, down to current day. While most of us can’t retreat to a monastery on a regular basis, bringing the rhythm of monastic life into my own is something from which I’ve benefited greatly. It’s helped me to focus on clear priorities, reduce stress, and be more peaceful in general.

Here are three ways I’ve found we can integrate monastic practices into our work lives.

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Try it Out

(Learn to Discern, Principle #6)

When working as a university professor, I had more than one conversation with a student that followed these lines:

Me: What are you studying for your major field?

Student: Accounting.

Me: That’s great- so you really enjoy accounting?

Student: I’m not sure.

Me: You aren’t sure if you like it? Why are you studying it?

Student: I just need something that pays and I heard accountants make good money.

It baffled me that they could spend four years of their lives, go into debt, and plan to spend several decades doing something they weren’t even sure they liked. Continue Reading