Seven Ways to “Know Thyself” Better

We’ve talked about how important it is to “Know Thyself” – and why it can be so difficult. But there are ways we can know ourselves better! Here are seven things you can do to grow in self-knowledge.

||ONE|| Give yourself time: not as an excuse, but as a method. Don’t expect to know yourself overnight, if you’ve never given it considered reflection over a period of time. It takes time to really get to know anyone, and even though you’ve been yourself your whole life, chances are that your first 10-15 years had very little conscious self-reflection built into them. While life is a process no matter how old you are, the thirties definitely offer more “settling in” to yourself than the twenties, and the twenties more than the teens. So, just know that time is essential and you can’t rush time. Continue Reading

You Don’t Have to Become the Thing to Do the Thing

Recently I attended a fun workshop event run by Dave Evans of Designing Your Life. After speaking about the nature of human possibility and how we need not be set in thinking our life can only go in one direction, he asked us to imagine our lives in three different ways.

What could we do if we didn’t stay where we are? If we did something wild?

Our answers didn’t have to reference career- they could encompass the whole of our lives, both professional and personal, work and family.

As I tried to think outside the box, per his instructions, I found myself stuck in “becoming a thing” categories. (My categorization, not his.) Continue Reading

Need A Personal Path?

I once went to see a specialist doctor – this person had been recommended to me and was given rave review, so I had high hopes. But after our first meeting, I started to wonder. He hadn’t read the results of my previous tests and bloodwork with care. He didn’t have answers to my questions about underlying causality. Instead, he shared with me his protocol for treating all patients: since I had already done numbers 1 and 2 on the list before seeing him, so now I could try number 3.

It wasn’t a bad protocol- it was actually very good compared to what other doctors had offered. And by all accounts, it was generally effective for many of the patients who went to see him.

But what struck me was that it really wasn’t personal. Continue Reading

Pay Attention to Your Body

(Learn to Discern Principle #2)

Has this ever happened to you? You have a big project coming up, and you’re nervous, even if there isn’t much, logically, to be nervous about. You’ve planned well, you’ve done your homework, and you’ve prepared for the unexpected as best you can. And yet, you have a stomach-ache. Or a head-ache. Or you can’t sleep the night before.

No matter how much you know, logically, in your mind, that you shouldn’t feel nervous, your body will not seem to listen. Continue Reading

Personality Tests are not Horoscopes: but They Can Be Helpful

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash

A lot of people take issue with personality tests. (I used to be one of those people.) The objection is clear: No individual unique person is exactly like any other person. And putting people in a box isn’t helpful. And besides, those results never really capture who I am.

It’s true. Every person is unique; no one can be summarized in a simple personality box; and often the results of personality tests are inaccurate.

Why have I come round to appreciating personality tests? Mostly because I began to see them for what they actually are: a helpful rephrasing of accurate information I already know about myself.

Personality tests can’t reveal anything you don’t already know. Continue Reading