What Do You Want More of in Life?

“Whatever you want more of, put that front and center.”

–Michelle Martello

This piece of advice came to me in a Marie Forleo email about website design, but it also struck me as great life advice. 

If I want more time with my family, it has to be front and center. If I want more personal growth, it has to be front and centre. If I want more of a spiritual life, it has to be front and centre.

But sometimes what I feel I want more of doesn’t line up with what is actually, currently, front and centre in my life.

Maybe I want more time with family, but my career is front and centre. Maybe I want more personal growth, but social events are front and centre. Maybe I want more of a spiritual life, but my hobbies are front and centre. 

Sometimes what we think or say is important to us isn’t actually what we live out. 

Not sure what you’re putting front and centre?

What’s the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you think about before going to sleep? That’s front and centre.

What takes up your precious mental, emotional, and physical energy? That’s front and centre. 

What do you spend your free time on? That’s front and centre. 

It can be easy to let what’s important to us get buried in a back page somewhere. We think we know what we want more of, but do we live that way?

We get overwhelmed with noise and hurry. We get caught in the constant hustle of modern life and forget that, for the most part, we are in charge of our own lives. We choose what forms us. We decide what goes front and centre. 

(Of course, all of this assumes that what we want is good and in proper relation to the other things in our lives! There are some things that aren’t optional: caring for the well-being of those entrusted to us, and our own health, growing our relationship with God, etc.) 

What do you want more of in your life? Is it front and centre? If not, how can it be? 

If you’d like some help discerning your priorities and figuring out what to put front and centre, I’d love to help you. Get in touch today!