What is Life Consulting?

Life Consulting is an opportunity to sit down, talk through your ideas, and get advice and encouragement in figuring out your next step. Businesses often bring in a consultancy firm to help implement a project, introduce a new process, or re-think and improve their organisational structures, processes, or general office culture: life consulting is similar – but for you, personally.

Perhaps you have an idea for a project, but are having some trouble clarifying how to proceed.

Maybe you are trying to decide on a career move, or are debating a big personal decision, like moving to a new part of the country, or switching to home education.

Perhaps you just feel a bit disorganized in life and need some help re-thinking how to order your home, closet, or personal papers.  

Or, maybe you just need to talk through some upcoming decisions with someone who is unbiased by family ties or friendship.

Life Consulting can help with all of these situations and more!

It’s a place to help get clarity about your own ideas, insight into how to discern your decisions, and encouragement in proceeding with confidence.

We can speak over the phone, on Skype, or in person in SW London (Richmond). Get in touch here.